Friday, October 3, 2008

You WILL See Me Again! Brittany, Cycle 11

Okay. I had not even planned on including any of the girls from this Cycle in the YWSMA segments, but I just discovered Brittany's famous "I was the first black girl on a cover in Las Vegas" credential. Technically this doesn't count for YWSMA because it's work she did BEFORE going on ANTM, but I am hoping this is a sign of great things to come for Brittany (and consequently, the Weave). It is so awesome, I can scarcely contain myself.

Brittany Las Vegas

I can't decide which part of this cover is my favorite. The sensuously steaming ear of corn? The declaration that "THE KIDS DIG RON PAUL!" (Oh god. So frightening).

This also totally looks like the type of magazine that you can get for free in sidewalk dispensers.

But really, the piece de resistance has to be "VISITING THE HOOTERS OF COFFEE SHOPS!" What's got two thumbs and and loves a fine honking pair with her chai tea latte? :::points to self with thumbs, get it?::: THIS GIRL!!

Hey, Brittany should let Sheena know where that place is so she can put those fake tits to good use after her modeling career fails. Even (or perhaps, especially) if she wins ANTM. Which she might, by the way. Even though there can only be ONE Kimora Lee Simmons. Yes, Tyra. Let us not oversaturate the market with working Asian cover girls.


beliefunwrought said...

Looking at that picture I'm concerned for her safety. That corn looks like it could burst into flames any second. And based on her facial expression, I think it smells bad too.

Dr. Pops said...
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Spontaniouse said...

Seriously, that kind of steam is not something that happens in nature. Maybe they doused it with some harsh chemical that permanently affected her brain, which is why we were forced to watch her weeping over how hard it is to be so pretty.

Lindsay said...

Las Vegas Weekly is indeed a free publication. They are in those road-side dispensers but they are also in lots of locations around town, like in Blockbuster alongside the apartment rental guides.

Spontaniouse said...

Aha! I thought so. Way to go, Brittany. Italian Vogue is just one more steaming ear of corn away.

Thanks Lindsay!