Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holy Naima, where have I been??

Okay, fierce readers. Spontaniouse must apologize for the unintended neglect of the Weave (and missing an ENTIRE CYCLE!!) but the end of grad school kept me from doing any smizing for a while, let alone any writing that was not thesis-related...Aside from time restraints, I actually did not even get to watch the shortie cycle at all because I did not have a TV in my new apartment! However, there is still a LOT of ANTM material that I have yet to cover, and I'm sure Tyra must be brewing up a new cycle somewhere especially now that the Tyra Banks Show, that cultural touchstone of fat suits, Vaseline and on-air toilet training, is going off the air.

Anyway, I'd like to thank some faithful readers for inspiring me to sharpen up my Lee Press-On Nails again and get back to it. First of all, Jesa, to whom Spontaniouse owes an apology--let's get back in touch! And thank you especially to a new Weavologist, a Ms. Hoolahay (YES!) who found the blog for obvious name-related reasons. She emailed me with words kind enough to make even Janice Dickinson weep, as well as the latest and greatest addition to the Church of ANTM, the "Hail Tyra" as we will now call it:

From Ms. Hoolahay:

i just found your blog after trying to find the bitches that stole the correct spelling of my Gmail name.

anywho, keep it up. your blog is funnier than televisionwithoutpity. please come back post-midget cycle.


i always like to leave in prayer:

hail tyra
full of fierce
wardrobe is with thee
blessed art thou among models
and blessed is thy show, antm.
holy tyra
mother of the fashion related reality show,
pray for us modelettes now
and at the hour of makeover.