Monday, October 27, 2008

I don't get it

Ack!! I just noticed that Cycle 7's Eugena was also in the Project Runway finale! Ughhh. I never liked her either. There were way more awesome contestants during Cycle 7 (like lesbian twinny Michelle) who so deserved to make it to the top 3 more than Eugena. She was another one who I think looks like a total dude, and again--not in the good way.

Seriously, out of all the girls to be getting work! Although, Eugena and Bianca are not the two most puzzling former contestants to both last until nearly the end of the competition AND actually get some professional work despite being totally fuggo.

Oh well, at least she was only in Jerrell's crappy ass line:



beliefunwrought said...

Why oh why is the Queen of Dead-Eyes still modeling? She took, what, one good picture? All I can think of is that crazy hair photo shoot and how much she looked like a bad Halloween drag queen.

Spontaniouse said...

For REALS. She is such a dude.