Friday, November 7, 2008


Also, I forgot to mention that they film the runway show TWICE. Which means that whenever you see a bitch take a major digger on the runway (or, you know, fall off the floating runway dock into the water), they kept that take on purpose. Tyra, you sneaky vindictive bastard.


beliefunwrought said...

Ahh...cycle 7...the cycle of the weirdest runway shows ever. I mean seriously...floating platforms? Demented ghost brides? Well I guess when your contestants are boring something's gotta pick up the slack.

Spontaniouse said...

Holy shit. How could I forget about the ghost brides? I blocked that shit out. They totally the designed the final runway show that way because they had CariDee slated for the win, and she TOTALLY couldn't walk. So they made sure she had the crutch of being able to just run around screaming for most of the finale. Which was seriously more exciting than watching a hundred people on stilts.