Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Non-disclosure agreement

Fierce readers, I made a promise. A promise to Tyra. I promised not to reveal any of the fierceness that I witnessed this evening, and I won't. BUT I feel no ethical qualms about telling you some of the tidbits I learned about how ANTM is made AND who I saw there.

I don't think it's wrong either to say that we saw a runway challenge--I will say nothing about the designer, the girls, or the show itself. What I learned is that every time you thought the girls were competing in a "real" runway show, you were wrong. (But we didn't really believe that anyway, did we?) The people in the audience are just regular old peeps like Spontaniouse here who somehow lucked their way into getting on the guest list, NOT any fashion industry people.*** It's a runway show filmed exclusively for ANTM. But we knew that.

Also, they film the audience cheering and applauding while crew people work the catwalk as decoy models because when the actual contestants are walking, they only film them and not the audience. So yes! This show is even faker and more edited than we thought!

The truly exciting part is that Paulina, Nigel and Mr. Jay were in the house, as well as Miss Jay working her fierce way down the runway. And yes:

1. Mr. Jay is just as orange-skinned and silver-haired in real life

2. Nigel Barker is totally hot

3. And Paulina is actually really beautiful and a lot younger-looking in real life

And that's all I think I can really say for now. Believe me, I would LOVE to share my opinion on the girls that I saw, but I believe that would violate the Tyra contract.

I don't know if you'll be able to spot me and Wholahay in the audience when the episode airs because we were about seven rows back, but maybe we'll be sparkly little spots in the crowd! What a dream come true...

***Again, major props to Wholahay for having cool friends who let us know about this.

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beliefunwrought said...

Is it bad that I feel sorry for the people that watch this show thinking it has anything to do with the real modeling world? I really have to wonder if they're watching the same show I am. And a big BOOO! to Tyra for non-disclosure agreements...well maybe just because.