Friday, September 12, 2008

Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that

All credit for this post is due to my hilarious and fierce homeboy Thug Monkey. Witch Crew 4 Eva! He pointed out that the following video is what Tyrabot and the Jays attempted to achieve with the tMIT, yet they clearly fell incredibly short in doing so.

Sorry, this video's embedding was disabled. And Spontaniouse is technology differently-abled. Click! for genuine fierceness Tyra (and Benny Ninja) can only dream about. Though perhaps the alien/laser/gay twins of the future schtick might have been a little less lame had the show spent a little bit more on the special effects and not 95% of the budget on pimping out the Top Model house with pictures of Tyra. You know that's why those contestant interviews are always filmed in fluorescent lighting instead of something even slightly more flattering. Sorry girls!! No soft lighting for you! We had to have one more ginormous Tyra portrait superimposed on your shower curtain instead! And didn't you know that Tyra worked for 10 years before she was filmed in a soft glow? In Paris.

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